Hi lovelies! I can’t believe December is already over and we’re already in the new year!

HAPPY 2019 everyone!

December 2018 was very busy with the holidays and school so I didn’t make as much content on StephanieCristi as I would have liked to.

However, I did make plenty of content overall, so I definitely can’t complain!

I even started ANOTHER blog for my data science projects and beautiful data visualizations!

It’s called Based on the Data… 😉

Anyway, let’s get started with the month’s roundup. 🙂


For Christmas, I received a 23andMe from my parents!

Thanks, mom and dad!

So in my anticipation to receive it, I took some time to share my considerations with you all, including the 9 Things You Need to Know Before You Try 23andMe.

If you’re considering taking this step to learn more about yourself, be sure to read this post first!


I didn’t get to do any traveling this month so instead, I took some time to write up this nifty guide for you all: A Millenial’s Guide to Making Travel Affordable

I hope it gets you writing up your own ultimate travel bucket list and seeing the world!


For those of you struggling with getting into a blogging routine, in December I shared My Ultimate Blogging Workflow.

Hopefully, it gets you creating and monetizing your content in this coming year.

This and That

And for my last post of the year, I wrote up some tips for you all on Developing Positive Habits.

Maybe this will be the year our resolutions survive past the winter!

TheWhiteHatHACKER and BasedontheData…

If you’re interested in my cybersecurity content, I made lots of useful content for you all throughout my 12 days of Christmas cybersecurity!

In case you’re at all worried about your online security (hint: you should be!), be sure to check out some of those posts. I personally recommend that you start off with:

And if you’re into beautiful data visualizations, you can find my most recent one on the average age at marriage for men and women around the world.


I hope you enjoyed last month’s content on StephanieCristi, TheWhiteHatHACKER, and BasedontheData!

My wish is that creating this December roundup post and others like this one are helpful for you – let me know below if it is… or even if it isn’t! 😉

With all my love,

SC xo