I can’t believe it’s already 2019! It’s time to bring on the goals for 2019!

I certainly have quite a few goals for this year, what about you?

I try to set resolutions for myself each year but unfortunately, I never seem to stick with them.

So this time around, I’m making them public in the hopes that it will help keep me more accountable 🙂

Will you help me stick to my goals for 2019?

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My Personal Goals for 2019:

  • Take better care of my health with my Apple Watch. This includes better sleep, exercise, and relaxation.
  • Maintain my three tutoring students (WP, PF, and BM) and perhaps adding another one or two.
  • Planning a small wedding with the fiancé
  • Be present when I’m with family and friends
  • Go on at least 3 trips this year
  • Make time for me-time

Goals for StephanieCristi:

  • Stick with my schedule of 2-3 blog posts per week
  • Create my first digital product to help my readers
  • Increase my readership to 1,000 per month
  • Get each blog post shared at least 200 times
  • Get my DA score to 20

Goals for TheWhiteHatHACKER and BasedontheData…

I know lots of you aren’t into data and cybersecurity so I won’t bore you with those. After all, there’s a time and a place for everything.

If you are interested, however, you can find my professional goals on their respective sites.

That means my cybersecurity goals will be on TheWhiteHatHACKER and my data science goals will be on Based on the Data….


I really hope I am able to stick with these this year. Not saying I’m old, persay, but this is definitely an age where my long-term professional goals really rely on my academic achievements.

I will be linking back to each goal with a blog post once I accomplish it so you’ll be able to see my progress throughout the year 🙂

Will you let me know your goals down in the comments below?

I’d love to be able to cheer each other on through the coming year 🙂

StephanieCristi’s Top Recommended Resources for Goal Setting and Keeping

With all my love,

SC xo