The Story Behind Stephanie Cristi

Hi all! I’m Stephanie Cristina and I’m a millenial living near the Los Angeles metropolis after a lifetime of living in the Miami suburbs. I tried to be such a “good girl” and completed the undergrad-grad school-work routine that society expected of me only to find out just a few years later that:

  • not only is this career path not exactly my “favorite”
  • but it is actually a terrible fit due to my chronic migraine diagnosis (more on that here)

I have, however, always loved the time I’ve spent tutoring, so a few months ago I started Tutor in Tinseltown to provide my tutoring families more resources.

Little did I know that I would love blogging so much!!

Many of the topics I wanted to cover, however, weren’t a good fit for a site on education so now I’ve created StephanieCristi so I can talk to all you guys about everything else!

Who is Stephanie Cristi, though… really?

I am a dog mom, cat mom, doodler, traveler, and tutor living in the California mountains. I love learning and being in school (nerdy… I know!) but also enjoy being a total lazy bones on the couch Netflixing all day.

What’s in it for you?

On StephanieCristi, you’ll find blog posts on going back to school, health, pets, travel, style, and basically #allthethings !

You can expect to see a new blog post every week so keep checking back in for new goodies… or better yet! You can sign up for:

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I LOVE it when my blogging becomes more interactive!

Therefore, I’ll try my best to always respond to comments on posts or on social media. And sharing my posts is ALWAYS appreciated 😉 If you want to reach out privately instead, you can always email me at .

Blogging Goals

It is my hope that StephanieCristi will become a place where my readers can learn about being great pet parents, travel, and having the healthiest and most fun life possible.


All my love,

SC xo