Favorite FBI TV Shows to Binge Watch this Winter

With the cooler winter months coming up, be sure to save this page for some great recommendations on FBI TV shows to stream!

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had a strange fascination with the FBI and procedural dramas.

So when it comes to binge-watching Netflix, you know I absolutely can’t get enough of my FBI TV shows!

I’ve rounded up my top favorite FBI TV shows for you all since the chilly winter months will inevitably have us all curling up under blankets and in front of TVs 😉

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds was the first of my favorite FBI shows, it was actually the first show to get me into procedural dramas. I don’t really care for police shows but FBI?!

Heck yes!

And FBI shows focused on the Behavioral Science Unit?!

::dies of excitement::

And with Criminal Minds, there’s something for everyone.

A little bit of humor, a little bit of dark character development… And certainly lots of good looking and incredibly intelligent people.


Total time: 14 Seasons, 299 Episodes, 304 Hours


When it comes to FBI TV shows, I’m low-key obsessed with Quantico.

Despite being discontinued and only having 3 seasons available, this show packs a big punch.

Viewers get to watch the main characters spend one season in Quantico training for the FBI, one season going through the Farm for CIA training, and one season as members of a US secret task force.

With a lot of character development and backstory, you can’t help but cheer for our team of agents.


Total time: 3 Seasons, 57 Episodes, 57 Hours


Bones was another one of my earliest experiences with FBI TV shows, and I still love it!

Bones is about a brilliant – yet quirky – anthropologist who ends up working with the FBI through her position at the Jeffersonian Museum.

The team, composed of an artist, bug expert, anthropologist, administrator, and FBI agent, certainly butt heads at times, but friendship and love are strong themes throughout the show.

If you enjoy brilliant intellect, love interests, and playful banter in your TV shows, you’ll probably enjoy Bones as much as I did!


Total time: 12 Seasons, 246 Episodes, 246 Hours


This one is, sadly, only one season in the making, but it’s definitely looking promising so far!

Set in 1977, this show details the beginnings of the Behavior Science Unit at the FBI.

The main characters interview imprisoned serial killers in order to understand how they think, with the hope of applying this knowledge to solving ongoing cases.


Total time: 1 Season, 10 Episodes, 8 Hours

The Following

The FBI estimates there are currently over 300 active serial killers in the United States.

What would happen if these killers had a way of connecting with each other? What if they were working together from across the country?

What if one of them was able to bring them all together and activate a following?

This show follows the story of an FBI agent keen on capturing a cult leader who has used his extensive network of serial killer followers to escape prison and return to his cult.

An ex English professor, Joe Carroll is charming and charismatic, which may make you wonder how someone would cross the line from being an admired and productive member of society to being a cult-leading serial killer.


Total time: 3 Seasons, 45 Episodes, 52 Hours


Blacklist is awesome. It details the story of a high powered criminal with an expansive international dynasty who reaches out to the FBI to offer his help in catching other criminals.

His one condition?

He will only work with one agent: Elizabeth Keen.

With a high brow view of himself and his empire, Reddington is adept at scheming incredible hoodwinks and long cons the FBI struggles to keep up with, and often fails to see until it’s too late.

With multiple long seasons already available for viewing, you’ll get to join in as Reddington brings Agent Keen along on a journey of professional successes and struggles but also personal disappointment and growth.


Total time: 5 Seasons, 111 Episodes, 111 Hours

Update: White Collar

How could I possibly forget to include White Collar?! Thank you, Hannah, for reminding me of one of the first Netflix options to get me into these FBI TV shows 🙂

White Collar is about an FBI agent, Peter Burke, who has spent years trying to catch Neil Caffrey, a smooth-talking, handsome con artist specializing in art forgeries.

When Peter finally catches him, Neil strikes up a bargain with him.

To let him out of prison with a tracking anklet into the custody of the FBI.

In exchange for this conditional freedom, Neil will lend his vast expertise and work with the FBI to catch other criminals.

As I’m sure you can imagine, Peter agrees.

The show follows this odd pair through their roller coaster relationship as agent and CI.

White Collar will not only have FBI action, but you’ll also have beautiful characters, humor, and TWO romantic side plots.

Not to mention, a LOT of Rennaissance art for the aficionados out there!


Total time: 6 Seasons, 81 Episodes, 81 Hours


With winter fast approaching and bringing TV and cuddle weather along with it, be sure to update your streaming accounts for maximum indoor fun.

And if you’re into FBI shows, do yourself a favor and add Criminal Minds, Quantico, Bones, Mindhunter, The Following, Blacklist, and White Collar to your to-watch list!

With all my love,
SC xo
With the cooler winter months coming up, be sure to save this page for some great recommendations on FBI TV shows to stream!

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    1. Hannah,

      You are absolutely right! How could I have forgotten to include it?? White Collar is one of the first shows I watched in this genre too (along with Criminal Minds and Bones) so I will be updating this post today to include it!

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me 🙂

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