Dermatologist Approved Face Masks: Must-Haves for Your Skincare Arsenal

Hi ladies! Recently I shared the list of skincare products and routine I’ve been using. They had been making my skin feel so soft and moisturized I was thrilled to be able to share my great finds with my readers!

Unfortunately, shortly after I shared my blog post on the products and my skincare routine, I started to have some serious breakouts.

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I reached out to my Curology dermatologist and she was amazing.

Not only was she timely and sympathetic with her response, but she told me about CosDNA.


CosDNA is a fantastic tool to check on the ingredients in your cosmetics and their potential hazards for your skin.

After all, our first step was to make sure where, exactly, the problem was.

Was the problem my Curology formula?

Or the rest of my routine?

It turns nearly all the products I was using on a regular basis have ingredients that clog pores and can actually cause breakouts!

The only one that wasn’t problematic was my Neutrogena water gel moisturizer!

I was devastated.

Us women spend so much time, money, and effort trying to look our best. It was really frustrating to find out that products being marketed as “purifying” “clarifying” etc were my actual problem!

So I immediately jumped on here to inform you all. I am sorry if any of you used these products and experienced problems with your skin.

Let’s fix it together!

She gave me some dermatologist approved face masks that won’t clog our pores, and I want to share that list with you all so we can all have healthy and acne-free skin!

For inflamed blemishes

Exfoliating masks

Hydrating Masks

Clay Masks

Sheet Masks


I’m so sorry I recommended subpar products to you, my wonderful readers, I had such a great experience with them at first that I didn’t think my skin would end up suffering from using scrubs and face masks!

I will be adding a disclaimer to those two posts that include my old products and updating my StephanieCristi recommended resources to include these instead.

I hope you and I both have a better experience using these dermatologist approved face masks instead!

StephanieCristi’s Top Recommended Hair, Skin, and Nails Products

Please note, I am not a dermatologist personally and am therefore sharing these as personal recommendations given to me by my doctor. Do not start a new skincare regimen without consulting your personal care doctors.

With all my love,

SC xo

After some bad luck with choosing products, I am here to share some of the top dermatologist approved face masks to get your skin looking unbelievable!