Dog Puns To Match Your Pup’s Personality

This StephanieCristi blog article inspired by the writer's new puppy lists out dog puns to be used as playful pet names.

Oh my goodness, let me tell you: it has been so difficult choosing a name for my new puppy! I’m a huge fan of word games and puns, I find them so incredibly interesting and mentally stimulating! My sweet kitty’s name is William ShakesPurr (PurrPurr for short) and I just know the chances are high that puppy’s name will end up being chosen from a long list of dog puns as well.

I have been brainstorming tons of pun puppy names and so I thought I’d share them with you here, in case any of my lovely readers are looking to grow their furry, four-legged families!

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List of Dog Puns based on Mythical Creatures

Because who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of whimsy and magic when it comes to their furry loved ones?

  1. Loch Ness Slobster
  2. Grrriffin
  3. Werewoof

List of Dog Puns based on Star Wars

I’m not a fan personally… much to my boyfriend’s dismay!

  1. Obi Wag Kenobi
  2. Luke Skybarker
  3. Slobber the Hutt
  4. C3 Pee-O

List of Dog Puns based on Lord of the Rings

Oldie but a goodie.

  1. Milkbone Baggins
  2. Bilbone Baggins
  3. Pee-pin
  4. Grrrimli

List of Dog Puns based on Musicals

Because there is nothing fancier than naming your puppy after an obscure character from a musical.

  1. Sweeny Pawed (Sweeny Todd)
  2. Benjamin Barker (Sweeny Todd)
  3. Phantom of the Pawpera (Phantom of the Opera)
  4. Phantom of the Pup-era (Phantom of the Opera)

List of Dog Puns based on Foods

Because if you know anything about me… this girl loves to EAT!

  1. Fetch-accine Ball-fredo (Fettuccine Alfredo)
  2. Pupperoni (Pepperoni)
  3. Pawpperoni (Pepperoni)
  4. S-paw-ghetti (Spaghetti)
  5. S-paw-moni (Spumoni)

List of Dog Puns based on TV Shows and Movies

So I may be about to out myself as a total geek but here goes nothing!

  1. Zug-zwag (for the Criminal Minds fans out there)
  2. Agent Pawssi (for the Criminal Minds fans out there)
  3. Anna-leash Keating (for the HTGAWM fans)
  4. The Doggter (for the Doctor Who fans)
  5. Houndton Abbey (Downton Abbey)
  6. Tyribone Lannister (Game of Thrones)
  7. Sansa Bark (Game of Thrones)
  8. Mary Puppins (Mary Poppins)
  9. Peeta Mebark (The Hunger Games)
  10. Primnose Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

Dog Puns List based on Harry Potter

Always? Always.

  1. Hairy Pawter
  2. Ron Fleasly
  3. Grrr-mione Granger
  4. Doggy the House Elf
  5. Sirius Bark
  6. Sorcerer’s Bone
  7. Half-mutt Prince
  8. Deathly Howlows
  9. Alpups Dumbledore
  10. Tom Kibble
  11. Godric Gryffindog
  12. Helga Hufflepup
  13. Rowena Ravenpaw
  14. Salazar Snifferin

List of Dog Puns based on Famous People

These may not have the longest shelf life, but they’re still fun as hell.

  1. Charles Lickens (Charles Dickens, writer)
  2. Isaac Chewton (Isaac Newton, scientist)
  3. Mary, Queen of Walks (Queen Mary, of Scotland)
  4. Mary, Queen of Spots (Queen Mary, of Scotland)
  5. Queen Eleashabeth (Queen Elizabeth, of England)
  6. Richard Wag-ner (Richard Wagner, composer)
  7. J.K. Growling (J.K. Rowling, writer)
  8. J.K. Howling (J.K. Rowling, writer)
  9. Bark Obama (Barack Obama, US President)
  10. Pawtrick Stewart (Patrick Stewart, actor)
  11. Rosa Barks (Rosa Parks, civil rights activist)
  12. Ruth Bader Ginsbark (Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Justice of the Supreme Court)
  13. Anderson Pooper (Anderson Cooper, journalist)
  14. Andy Warhowl (artist)
  15. Bark Wahlberg (actor)
  16. Catherine Zeta-Bones (actor)
  17. Woofgang Amadeus Mozart (composer)
  18. Elvis Barksley (singer)

Hot Dog Puns List for Dachshunds

And a whole separate category just because I’m now a dachshund puppy mom!

  1. Sweenie Pawed (Sweeny Todd)
  2. Weenie the Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)
  3. Oscar Meyer Weenie (Oscar Meyer Weiner)


I love pun-based pet names and I can’t wait to let you all know what name we choose for our new doxie pup!

What other pun-based dog names should I add to the list?

What about a hot dog puns list?

Should I post a list of pun names for kitties as well?

Let me know below!

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This StephanieCristi blog article inspired by the writer's new puppy lists out dog puns to be used as playful pet names.
Dog Puns To Match Your Pup\'s Personality

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