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After spending a few years in the field of behavior analysis and psychology, I’ve realized that I need more.

I need more technical expertise.

More computer work and less people work.

More appreciation for my skills and expertise and less for my “mood”.

(Because let’s be honest, what woman hasn’t been told to “smile more” or “just relax.”)

I need a job and career where I can actually set and accomplish goals and see that I’m making a difference.

As a result, I’ve gone back to school as an adult learner for a more technical degree and career path.

In short, this blog category details my experience as an adult learner going back to school to change career paths in my late 20s.

Revamping the Website: A Massive StephanieCristi Overhaul

StephanieCristi discusses her reasons and concerns with revamping the website including blog writing frequency, topics covered, and types of content.

Hi pretty 🙂 These past few days I’ve been taking some time to reassess where has been and where it is going. I’ve come to a few realizations regarding revamping the website (particularly with my blog writing frequency, topics covered, and types of content) and I’d like to share my thoughts with you. 150 SharesTweet145Pin4Share1ShareShareShareBufferFlipPocketReddit

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