Revamping the Website: A Massive StephanieCristi Overhaul

StephanieCristi discusses her reasons and concerns with revamping the website including blog writing frequency, topics covered, and types of content.

Hi pretty πŸ™‚ These past few days I’ve been taking some time to reassess where has been and where it is going. I’ve come to a few realizations regarding revamping the website (particularly with my blog writing frequency, topics covered, and types of content) and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

Revamping the Website: Writing Frequency

Creating and publishing worthy blog posts three times per week is pretty draining. Because of this current posting schedule, I am left with little time to complete the other aspects of blogging, including:

Engaging with my audience – ie. YOU! πŸ™‚

Even though I do have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, I’m never really active on them. Blogging can be pretty lonely if you don’t interact with your readers and your blogger peers. I want to be able to really get to know you, your struggles, goals, and dreams. And my current blog writing frequency just doesn’t leave much time for that given that I’m in school and still have a day job.

Growing and serving my mailing list

Are you on my mailing list? Up until now, being on my mailing list hasn’t been as beneficial as I would like it to be. Sending blog post updates isn’t all that exciting to me or my subscribers. My goal is to write high-quality emails to offer my subscribers true value for trusting me with their email addresses. I hope to write my travel readers and side-hustle readers once per week with useful freebies and actionable tips for reaching your goals.

Creating tools (free and paid) to help you implement what you see on my blog posts

Checklists, PDF how-to’s, videos, webinars, courses, ebooks.

I have so many ideas for amazing things to create for you, but time always seems to run short! Hopefully, by cutting back on blog posts, I’m able to start creating more tools to help you grow your travels and blog to the heights you dream of.

Improving site usability and security tends to run on the slower side and this has been bugging me for weeks! Enhancing usability and security will lead to a better and safer experience for my readers, and there a happier blogging experience for me.

Promoting my actual content!

Experts say that bloggers should spend 20% on content creation and 80% on content promotion.

That’s BANANAS! I’ve probably been much closer to 20% on promotion and 80% on creation. I know that by increasing my promotion I’ll be able to reach a wider audience and help more of you accomplish your goals, so this something very important to me. I’m at about  600 visitors per month now and while it’s a big improvement from previous months, I know that there are tons of potential readers I’m simply not reaching at the moment.

Needless to say, 3 blog posts per week take up quite a bit of time I need to dedicate to other, equally important, tasks. Starting March, my new goal is to publish one blog post per week with serious strategies to help you reach your goals.

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Revamping the Website: Topics Covered

Reaching the right audience

I worry that the blog topics covered on StephanieCristi are so expansive that I’m not fully able to focus on and create fantastic content for any category in particular. Plus, covering too many topics leads to a bloated website. After all, readers that come for my pet content probably don’t care about blogging in the slightest. And my readers that are bloggers may not care at all about migraine prevention.

This is why, moving forward, I will be focusing on writing about traveling and side-hustlingblogging in particular.

My old content will, of course, remain on the blog, I just won’t be adding to it as often as I used to.

Creating the right products and services for you

My long-term goals are to create free and paid products to help you all with your side hustling and your travel. So all this content on other blog topics, while fun to write, doesn’t really serve that purpose or target audience. Does that make sense?

Revamping the Website: Content Types

Frequent blog posts, while fun to write (and presumably fun for you to read) will keep me on a perpetual hamster wheel of feeling like I have to churn out blog posts.


I’m so very nervous to share this post about revamping the website with you, since I know that these thoughts on my blog writing frequency, topics covered, and types of content may not suit your needs. However, I do believe that this is all for the best in the long-term.

I truly hope to be able to continue serving you amazing content and to have you keep coming back to StephanieCristi, but I’ll understand if you don’t. If side hustling and travel are the reason you love StephanieCristi, please take a moment to fill in my poll so I can create content you’ll read and enjoy.

With all my love,

SC xo

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