You’re #1 Dreamy Tour of Virginia Told Through Blog Posts on StephanieCristi

StephanieCristi shares her tour of Virginia through GIS mapping technology. If you're planning on traveling in Virginia soon, be sure to check it out! #virginia #norfolk #richmond #wineries #roadtrips

Welcome to my dreamy experiences taking a tour of Virginia.

I recently discovered the rustic and natural beauty that lies in Virginia when I went to visit my boyfriend in Norfolk back in May… and then again when we took a Virginia road trip through the state on my second trip there!

And I fell in love.

But who could blame me? Traveling in Virginia provides the most incredible:

  • lush green forests
  • historical significance
  • mouth-watering restaurants

And let me just say… the expression “Virginia is for Lovers” certainly has a bit of truth to it! The charming Southern hospitality I’ve been lucky enough to experience has been absolutely wonderful!

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There is a significant military presence in the state due to the massive Navy bases present, especially in Norfolk, though I think it just adds to the unique charm of the state to have beautiful Navy ships and memorials scattered throughout the community.

This category will house all my blog posts about traveling in Virginia, including:

And each post will be pinned to this map.

To find blog posts not specific to any state or country, you can check out the Travel Resources blog category.

There, you’ll find posts such as:

I’ll be creating a map for each state- and country-specific category as I continue to write for you all. So check back every once in a while for new maps and blog posts from around the world!

Being the visual person that I am, I have created unique map icons with a key for all of you. Click on any of the icons in the key to view those posts 🙂

That way, depending on what you want to read, you can just focus on the color icon you’re interested in!

So without further ado, here is my tour of Virginia told through blog posts! Feel free to click on any of the dots to see a blurb about that blog post.


This has been a tour of Virginia and my experiences there told through blog posts using GIS mapping technology – I hope you enjoyed it!

If you wish to explore my content about traveling in Virginia and the world in a more visual way, be sure to check out the travel map posts I’ll be creating for each blog travel category.

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With all my love,

SC xo

You\'re #1 Dreamy Tour of Virginia Told Through Blog Posts on StephanieCristi

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