The #1 Unforgettable Tour of California Told Through Blog Posts

StephanieCristi shares her tour of California through GIS mapping technology. If you're planning on traveling in California soon, be sure to check it out!

Welcome to my tour of California.

I may have grown up in Florida but for a few years, California is where I called home.

And who could blame me? Living and traveling in California has given me the opportunity to experience:

  • incredible food from all over the world,
  • everything from snowy forests and deserts to mountains and beaches,
  • one of the largest metropolis in the world as well as some of the tiniest rural towns,
  • friendly and diverse people and cultures from all over the world,
  • and neverending activities to participate in!

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My brother was even stationed at the San Diego naval base for a couple of years.

This category will house all my blog posts about traveling and living in California, including:

And each post will be pinned to this map.

To find blog posts not specific to any state or country, you can check out the Travel Resources blog category.

There, you’ll find posts such as:

I’ll be creating a map for each country-specific category as I continue to write for you all. So check back every once in a while for new maps and blog posts from around the world!

So far I only have one general map of the world – so you get a bird’s eye view of all my world travel posts.

Being the visual person that I am, I have created unique map icons with a key for all of you. Click on any of the icons in the key to view those posts 🙂

That way, depending on what you want to read, you can just focus on the color icon you’re interested in!

So without further ado, here is my tour of California told through blog posts! Feel free to click on any of the dots to see a blurb about that blog post.


This has been a tour of California – I hope you enjoyed it!

If you wish to explore my content about traveling in California and the world in a more visual way, be sure to check out the travel map posts I’ll be creating for each blog travel category.

And for posts not relating to a particular country, you can check out my Travel Resources here!

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SC xo

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