My Emotional Day Trip to San Diego – Part 3

StephanieCristi shares her third day trip to San Diego of four parts in the series. If you're planning a trip to SD, be sure to check out these sights!

Have you been reading my Day Trip to San Diego blog series? This trip is going by so fast!

If you’re new to StephanieCristi (or just didn’t know about my trip) you can read the earlier posts in the series here:

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And without further ado, here is the third installment of the blog series Day Trip to San Diego.

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Today we had breakfast at the hotel again – it was great!

We’re staying at the Holiday Inn, which you can read all about in my blog post on San Diego hotels.

Re-enlistment Ceremony

From there, we met up with my brother and sister in law for his re-enlistment ceremony.

His contract from when he first joined the military expired and he chose to extend his stay with the US Navy.

It was so nice to hear such great things said about him and his time on the ship.

His superior spoke very highly to us about him and it made me feel so happy and proud to know he had carved out a nice space for himself on the ship.

Even though he’ll be stationed on land the next few years, it’s comforting to know he thrived while stationed on a ship.

I know Kevin isn’t always thrilled with his Navy experience, but then again which of us is actually 100% happy with our job 100% of the time?

Anyway, it was a very no-fuss ceremony and soon we were on our way to lunch.

Lunch at Slater’s 50/50

The food at Slater’s 50/50 was fantastic!

As you might expect from a sports bar-type place, the drinks were strong and refreshing and the burgers were huge.

While you can order a specialty burger from their menu, they also have a make-your-own option which has the potential for thousands of unique combinations!

I chose to have a beef patty with bleu cheese crumbles, blue cheese dressing, lettuce, tomato, and onions.

It was delicious!

Coronado Beach

After lunch, Kevin and Cindy went off to complete some last minute preparation before his departure tomorrow so I went to Coronado Beach with the parents.

Listed in my post on things to do in San Diego, Coronado Beach did not disappoint.

Between the beautiful beach, restaurants to eat and drink at along the sand, and the historic Hotel del Coronado, we had a lovely time at Coronado Beach.

After the beach, we went back to the hotel room to relax, get some work done, and get an early nights rest for tomorrow.

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After sharing my planning process (both for San Diego hotels and things to do in San Diego) with you, I am really happy to be able to share how the trip actually turned out with you as well. 🙂

I hope my search for San Diego hotelsnearby attractions, and final trip post series come in handy for you in case you’re planning a trip to the area soon!

Be sure to check out my San Diego tag for more San Diego travel stories and tips.

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StephanieCristi shares her third day trip to San Diego of four parts in the series. If you're planning a trip to SD, be sure to check out these sights!

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