Traveling the World Through Blog Posts on StephanieCristi

I am so incredibly excited to be able to offer you all a new way to experience the travel section to my blog!!

I have recently discovered the Novo-Map plugin and it has me SO excited to continue traveling the world and creating all the travel content possible!

Hooray for knocking out my travel bucket list!

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From now on, each travel post related to a particular location will be pinned to this world travel map.

To find non-country specific blog posts, you can check out the Travel Resources blog category.

There, you’ll find posts such as:

I’ll be creating a map for each country-specific category as I continue to write for you all. So check back every once in a while for new maps and blog posts from around the world!

Being the visual person that I am, I have created unique map icons with a key for all of you.

That way, depending on what you want to read, you can just focus on the color icon you’re interested in!

So without further ado, here is my map showing my traveling the world!


If you wish to explore my content about traveling the world in a more visual way, be sure to check out the world travel map posts I’ll be creating for each blog travel category.

And for posts not relating to a particular country, you can check out the Travel Resources category!

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