How to Spend Your Staycation This Summer

Are you looking forward to summer this year, or do you have this nagging doubt that it’ll be the same as last year and you’ll struggle to find things to do? 

Instead of getting your hopes up for an overseas vacation, why not decide that a staycation is a great idea anyway and start some planning. 

That’s what we did! Below is a long list of staycation ideas that will keep you occupied, entertained, relaxed, and healthy, all summer long. 


When you start doing some research on the Internet you’ll be surprised by how much there is to do in your local area. Hikes and bike rides are probably going to top the list though, and for good reason. Hikes and bike rides allow you to see more of the natural landscape and improve your health at the same time. 

The great thing about bike rides, especially ones that follow a bike trail, is that you can cover more distance than you would otherwise with half the effort. Also the official bike trail will take you past notable sightseeing opportunities and hotels you can stay in before heading off the next day for more adventure


The movie theatres aren’t exactly back up and running yet but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. If you love movies and you’ve been missing the latest big releases in the cinema, it might be time to take matters into your own hands this summer. 

Luckily this is possible. Why not arrange a nice day with your friends? You could even make it a regular occurrence, perhaps once a month. Set up an indoor or outdoor cinema with a projector – you can buy mini ones from the Internet – then buy popcorn and snacks. 


Even though the pandemic is not over yet the authorities seem to have got some kind of control over it. The most vulnerable members of our society are protected and most people are adhering to the rules and wearing masks. This means that some shops and theatres can tentatively reopen. 

Keep an eye on what is reopening and consider going to see a show with your friends. You could go to the theatre or to an art exhibition. These shows will probably need your support post pandemic as well, so you will be doing a good thing investing your money in them. 


As per the previous section, some of the world’s shops are beginning to reopen. But shops have been hit very hard by the pandemic and many are likely to remain closed. Those that don’t will be relying on people like you to buy from them instead of online, even though the shop prices are a little higher. 

Not everyone is super mobile, however. Some people struggle to get to the high street and shop comfortably. For those that have knee trouble, joint trouble, or general mobility issues a mobility scooter that assists you with excellent suspension capabilities is perfect for getting around the high Street this summer. 


Why would you want to spend your summer sleeping? Surely you want to stay awake and make the most of your vacation time? Maybe, however, NAPS in the afternoon can be an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate when not working. It is also good for your health and skin. 

The best time to take a vacation nap is in the afternoon when the sun is hottest. You don’t have to put on bedclothes and go under the warm covers, instead buy a hammock and set it up in a shaded area. Hammocks are extremely comfortable and relaxing, you’ll wonder why you never did this before. 


The summer is the best time of years to get into a water sport. The great thing is there is a water sports to appeal to any and every taste and personality style. If you’re the loud adventurous type, there’s power boats, and for quieter more mindful people  there’s wild swimming. 

In truth there is a lot more than that when it comes to water sports, you just have to look around and see what takes your fancy. Water sports are great in the summer because you want to cool down from the sun’s heat, but the water is also a little warmer than usual. 


There’s another sport that’s perfect for summer – that’s tennis. Tennis is played in the summer months because it works well on the hard grass courts and likes the sunshine. All of the major tennis tournaments are played during this time and you can get involved too. Allow the big tournaments to inspire you and pick up a racket. 

You will probably find a tennis court in your local area, you can usually find them at hotels and leisure centers. If you don’t know how to play its a good idea to get some lessons to start off with, show you the basics and shorten the learning curve, you also get some helpful tips. 


As with a bike trail, hiking is an excellent way to spend your summer staycation. Hiking can be a one off day event to see the top of an interesting hill or mountain, but it can equally be a full on endeavour with maps and compasses. The degree to which you get into hiking is totally up to you. 

But if you like the idea of seeing stunning landscapes in hard to reach places, and collecting photographs from your Instagram account, then buy some hiking boots and start researching some online maps. There is no limit to the number of trails and hikes you will find. 


The summer is a great time to read books. That’s because you have so much time to spare laying on the grass or the sand with your ankles intertwined. Most people read easy things at the beach or pool, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The summer can be your chance to cut down your reading list. 

Do you want to read all the classics? What about that list of award winning science fiction? Of the list of romance novels recommended by one of your saved blog posts. Now is a great time to dive in and get started. Consider opening a goodreads account to track your progress. 


Now it’s summer you might look back on the previous few months and ask yourself if you have kept up your vows to lower your weight, increase your fitness, or build your muscles. In most cases people have fallen off the pace somewhat, this is natural as life gets in the way. 

The summer is a chance for you to reaffirm those vow and get back into action. Starting an exercise routine now means you will probably meet those annual goals you set. It might be worth trying a different approach as well. Consider a different exercise routine to freshen things up. 


The summer is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean we can all jet off of our favorite overseas beach or place of interest. The pandemic is still putting the breaks on most of our freedom of movement so we have to compromise. Still, it isn’t much of a compromise when you consider some of the great things to do one the list above – you will have no shortage of ideas.

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