Your Essential Pre-Travel Health Checklist

Before you go traveling, it is essential to make sure you are fit and well enough to make the trip. If you have a trip on the horizon, now is the time to go cross off your pre-travel health checklist. From vaccines and topping off medications, you can never be too safe.

Before you go traveling anywhere, it is essential to make sure you are fit and well enough to make the trip. If you have any symptoms that you have been ignoring, then now is the time to go cross off your pre-travel health checklist and maybe even have a full-body check-up while you’re at it. While you’re rushing around town getting your travel money, buying your small toiletries and getting some new travel gear, here are a few other things to think about that you might want to add to your pre-vacation to-do list.

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Pre-Travel Health Checklist: Vaccines

You should probably have already checked this out, but if you haven’t, then make sure you do it now. Are you going far enough afield that you need to get some vaccinations? Even if you have had some before, some vaccinations do expire, and you will need to top them up after a few years.

You should always ensure that you’re up to date with immunizations for tetanus and polio as these diseases are a lot more common in other countries you might visit, so it’s good to have this covered. Malaria protection might only be required for a specific area within a country, but you should be aware that malaria protection is vital in many parts of the tropical world.

Do You Have Any Pre-Existing Medical Conditions?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions that require regular medication, you need to make sure that you have sufficient supply for the duration of your trip. When traveling, it’s always a good idea to split your medication between hand luggage and checked luggage in case one of your bags goes missing for some time.

Pre-Travel Health Checklist: Do You Have Any Pre-Existing Medical Symptoms?

If you have been ignoring any symptoms for a while then go and get them checked out before you go away, chances are they are nothing but wouldn’t you rather know than have it bothering you and playing on your mind while you’re away? Symptoms you should not ignore include if you’re continually feeling thirsty as this could be a sign of diabetes or kidney failure; don’t ignore the ringing in your ears as this could be Tinnitus which you can learn more about here; and dizzy spells, to name a few. There are many other symptoms you should not ignore though, so do look into this if you are experiencing anything unusual.

Know Your Blood Group Before You Travel

It’s handy if you know your blood group before you go away on a trip abroad. Although it’s not essential, it can help in an emergency.

Pre-Travel Health Checklist: Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance should cover severe accidents and medical bills you incur while abroad can be extortionate, so it’s essential to always travel with insurance. Hopefully, you will never have to use it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and also remember to read the small print of your policy to make sure you’re aware of what you’re covered for.


Whether you’re traveling abroad or going on a road trip just a few cities over, be sure that you’re in tip-top shape so you stay safe and your travels go smoothly.

Do you typically get a check-up before traveling, or do you play it by ear? Let me know below!

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Your Essential Pre-Travel Health Checklist

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