Is Thrilling Long-Term Travel In Your Future?

Sometimes travel can have you fall in love with a place, wishing to stay longer than planned. Do you have what it takes to make the leap to long-term travel? From travel language barriers to international housing, here are some considerations before you decide on living abroad.

Once you catch the travel bug, it can be difficult to shake it. There is a nearly endless amount of possibilities of where you can go and things you can see – which is perhaps what makes the prospect so exciting.

Sometimes travel can lead you to fall in love with a place, perhaps even so much that you can see yourself staying there for weeks or even months longer than you intended. Do you think you have what it takes to make long-term travel into a permanent one? Here are some things to consider first.

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Long-Term Travel: Why do you want to move?

Many of us have dreams of living abroad, but there are also many people who never take the leap. There are different factors that could make you want to move, such as an interest in other cultures, wanting better job prospects or simply wanting to experience the world.

There are a lot of fantastic reasons to move abroad. It’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself in another culture and truly experience a different way of life, expanding your horizons and even enjoy a better climate. You need to think long and hard about your reasons before you decide to move away – it’s a big change to make if you’re not fully sure.

If you’re unsure if moving abroad is the best solution for you, think about some of the other ways you can make a change in your life. Could a different city or a new job fulfill your need for a change instead? Sometimes the most drastic solution isn’t the best one, and there could be other solutions to your problems besides packing up and moving to a different country.

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Long-Term Travel: Where will you live?

The next question you need to ask yourself is ‘where do I want to go?’. The world could be your oyster, but simply pointing to a destination on a globe isn’t the best way to go about it. You’ll need to research where you’d like to live carefully, considering different options such as visa requirements, job availability and cost of living. Researching the cheapest places to live abroad could help inform your decision, helping you to achieve your ambitions and make your income stretch further.

You’ll then need to consider renting or buying some property in your chosen location. Researching local housing markets can help you get an idea of prices, which can help you work out how much money you’ll need to save to be able to move. Search local websites to give you the best information – researching jual beli rumah online will help you buy and sell houses ready to help you settle in your new home. You might want to consider short-term options while you decide on which neighborhoods, etc. to live in.

Long-Term Travel: How will you earn a living?

Finding a job can be one of the most difficult parts of moving abroad. You might want to pursue a job similar to what you do now or pursue something else altogether. Some tips that can help you land a job abroad include looking for a transfer within your existing company or looking for skill sets that are ‘in demand’ in your chosen country. The job search can be a tough one, but the hard work will be worth it if it means you can move to your dream country.

You also have the option of working as a freelancer. If you’ve got a skill that you can take anywhere, such as writing, design, web development, etc. You could build up a client base and work from anywhere, no matter what time zone you’re in. Remote working is easier than ever with the right online tools, allowing you to make a good living doing something you’re already skilled in and enjoy.

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Long-Term Travel: Are you ready to learn another language?

Another thing to consider when moving abroad is the language barrier. This is fine if you want to move to another English-speaking country like the UK or Australia, but If you don’t have any language skills besides English, you’ll need to start learning another language.

Learning a language can seem like one of the toughest things in the world, but there are some quick ways to learn a new language. Start immersing yourself in the language by using apps, watching foreign-language TV shows and movies and practice your writing. You’ll find it easier to pick up a language once you move, but practice is what will grow your confidence.

Sometimes travel can have you fall in love with a place, wishing to stay longer than planned. Do you have what it takes to make the leap to long-term travel? From travel language barriers to international housing, here are some considerations before you decide on living abroad.
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Long-Term Travel: How will you adjust?

Moving abroad is a big change to your life, something that can come with feelings of homesickness, anxiety, loneliness and more. Adjusting to life in a foreign country can take time, but it will get easier. You can meet other expats, join local groups and societies and make friends through work. Build a life for yourself and a routine that will help give you some focus.

It’s a good idea to spend your first few weeks living like a tourist. Get to know the area, discover the local sights and enjoy adjusting to life in a new location. At this time you could benefit for some tips for affordable travel so that you don’t overspend before you’ve had a chance to settle.

Remember that friends and family are just a short phone call away, so whenever you feel homesick, you can always call or video chat and catch up. Flights are also getting cheaper all the time, making it easier to visit home when you want to.


Making a permanent move abroad has its challenges, but it could also be the best decision of your life. There will be a lot of different things to consider, but if it’s something you keep thinking about then you should definitely go for it. Moving abroad can be an exciting chapter in your life, and if eventually, you decide it’s not for you, you can always return home.

Where will you travel dreams take you? Start planning your adventure and experience life in another country.

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Is Thrilling Long-Term Travel In Your Future?

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