2 Free Things to do in Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Vicariously living through her family's upcoming river cruise trip, StephanieCristi shares some free things to do in Kinderdijk, Netherlands.

In case you haven’t heard, my parents are going on an incredible European river cruise at the end of the year!

I’m definitely feeling #jelly so I’ll be taking this opportunity to live vicariously through them, creating content for you all inspired by their upcoming cruise. So today I’ll be sharing some exciting free things to do in Kinderdijk in the fall since that’s the second stop on their trip. After all, Millenials traveling on a budget need some free activities every now and then!

And wouldn’t you know it, their cruise stops at quite a few places on my ultimate world travel bucket list! So, even though I won’t be joining them on this trip, I’ll be sharing tons of blog posts with attractions and activities for each of their stops.

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This way, you and I will both get to:

  • daydream about trips to come, and
  • get some planning done for the day we do get to visit these amazing cities 🙂

You can find the blog series at each of the links below (to be filled in one per month leading up to their trip in October 😉 )

  1. Things to do in Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Free things to do in Kinderdijk, Netherlands (that’s this post lol)
  3. Restaurants and Bars in Cologne, Germany
  4. Koblenz, Germany
  5. Heidelberg, Germany
  6. Strasbourg, France
  7. Breisach, Germany
  8. Basel, Switzerland

So without further ado, today we’ll be discussing Kinderdijk, Netherlands!

Vicariously living through her family's upcoming river cruise trip, StephanieCristi shares her top things to do in Kinderdijk, Netherlands.

Free Things to do in Kinderdijk: Free Walking Tour of Rotterdam

If you’re like me, you perhaps struggle with staying in shape while you travel. If so, consider participating in this free walking tour of Rotterdam, where you’ll not only log some serious steps on your Apple Watch, but you’ll also learn all about the history of this lovely and modern city. You can catch a tour at 1:30 pm nearly every day, and there’s a second one at 10:30 am on the weekends as well.

Did you know that Rotterdam began as a fisherman’s village 800 years ago? And with its ideal location on the big rivers of Europe, it soon became an industrial and trading power until German bombers destroyed the center of Rotterdam at the beginning of the second world war. Be sure to take this walking tour to learn more about this sweet little place.

Free Activities in Kinderdijk: Grote Kerk

The Grote Kerk is a must see place if you’re visiting central Dordrecht. The Grote Kerk, (The Church of Our Lady) in Dordrecht is a medieval Protestant church, and is the second oldest church, as well as the largest church, in the city.

Listen for the beautiful mellow sound of the church bells on the hour and the half hour as you walk around the old town area. Basic entry to inside is €2 with an extra €1 if you are interested in climbing the bell tower. There are great views of the surrounding area from the top but the 275 stairs are very steep and narrow, which helps to make it a visit you won’t forget! The main church is huge and elegant with nice acoustics and there are some striking stained glass windows with beautiful colors and a nice modern twist. You can get a free English language information leaflet or join a guided tour if you want to.


I’m getting so excited for them – and for myself when the day comes for me to visit Kinderdijk! Have you been to the Netherlands? Out of all the free activities in Kinderdijk in the fall, what’s your favorite?

And if you decide to go on this cruise, you can find the Viking Hlin on Trip Advisor here.

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2 Free Things to do in Kinderdijk, Netherlands

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