Best Places to Eat in Lake Arrowhead

In honor of my parents flying in from out of town to visit this weekend, today’s post is about places to eat in Lake Arrowhead.

With great breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, I’m sure Lake Arrowhead will offer you some memorable experiences both in terms of culinary options as well as atmosphere.

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Bill’s Villager

Bill’s Villager in Blue Jay doesn’t quite fit in any category since their cozy diner offers a vibe and menu options suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

This is such a cute little place and their food is delicious! My favorite dishes here are the Turkey dinner and Becky Special. The turkey dinner is a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, vegetables, and cranberry sauce. I suggest you follow it up with the sweet potato pie for dessert!

Becky’s Special is a burger without the bun. It’s a generously portioned burger with all the trimmings (lettuce, tomato, onions) and a large pile of fries.

They also have an all you can eat salad bar that includes everything you could ever want for a salad (and tons more)!

Places to Eat in Lake Arrowhead: Breakfast

Belgian Waffle Works

If you’re looking for a great breakfast place, Belgian Waffle Works is the place to go! Located in the lower level of the village, this place has a beautiful view overlooking Lake Arrowhead.

They have great egg and bacon breakfasts of course but without a doubt, their Belgian waffles are to die for! They have such unique creations you’ll probably do like I’ve done and order a new menu item each time you visit. 😉

Crestline Cafe

Even though it’s a little bit of a drive from Lake Arrowhead proper, the Crestline Cafe is another great breakfast spot when it comes to places to eat in Lake Arrowhead.

They have great breakfast and lunch options, but one of their best is the Mountain Climber. A huge portion of roasted potatoes, sausage, bacon, and eggs all covered in gravy, a family of 3 can share one of these and still have some left over!

Places to Eat in Lake Arrowhead: Lunch


Even if you’re not a fan of Mexican food, The view alone makes this place worth a visit. A restaurant overlooking the cliff side, sitting by the windows is not for the faint of heart, though it can give you some great photos if you’re up for it!

And the food at Hortensia’s is just fantastic! They start you off with their fresh chips and mild salsa, and their entrees only get better from there – my favorite is their chicken enchiladas!


Another option for great Mexican food is Papagayos in the Lake Arrowhead Village. With both indoor and outdoor seating areas, you’ll have nice options for seating whichever way you decide to go.

Their atmosphere is a little too loud for me due to my migraines but to be fair, they have a very fun and lively vibe I’d love to be able to experience for more prolonged periods of time.

Places to Eat in Lake Arrowhead: Dinner

The Grill at Antlers Inn

The Grill at Antlers Inn offers up a mean steak, though their grill is just one of the benefits of having dinner here.

From their unique sweet potato fries side appetizer to their refreshing mint and basil drinks, this place will surely have something unique you’ll be thinking about when it comes time for tomorrow’s dinner.

I had a negative experience with their bartender giving me nasty looks due to Dobby, but don’t let that deter you from enjoying their great food and warm cabin atmosphere.

Stone Creek Bistro

Stone Creek Bistro is my favorite restaurant in the area so far. Their special has me nonstop daydreaming about heading back there: a thick juicy steak topped with lump crab all while sitting on a bed of duck fat fries with a side of asparagus.


My mouth is watering just writing this for you guys!

Aside from their food, they have a really nice and cozy atmosphere and very lovely servers.


If you’re traveling up in the mountains of SoCal, remember that there are amazing places to eat in Lake Arrowhead!

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From waffles to fancy bistros, if you're traveling in the mountains of southern California, be sure to visit these places to eat in Lake Arrowhead.
From waffles to fancy bistros, if you're traveling in the mountains of southern California, be sure to visit these places to eat in Lake Arrowhead.