Packing for a Fall Lake Arrowhead Vacation – Unforgettable!

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As for today’s post: Trust, me you need to read it! Don’t kid yourself… even though Lake Arrowhead is in SoCal, it’s also over a mile in altitude so there is a stark difference in weather patterns between the cities in the valley and the mountaintop. So in case you’re in the process of packing for a fall Lake Arrowhead vacation, here’s what you need to know:

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Clearly, fall here gets pretty chilly! And did you notice the huge difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures? Temperature differences of 20 to 30 degrees should play a big role in what you choose to pack for your Lake Arrowhead adventures.

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Packing for a Fall Lake Arrowhead Vacation: Clothing


Layering your clothing will definitely be your best bet given the big difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures. Long sleeved shirts, sweaters, and coats should all be a part of your arsenal during your fall days in Lake Arrowhead.

All the cute accessories you never get to wear!

Scarves, hats, gloves and mittens, and even colorful knit legwarmers… when it comes to packing for a fall Lake Arrowhead vacation, the more the merrier – especially if you’re used to warmer climates! This is definitely your chance to up your style despite working around potentially bulky coats.

And don’t skip over the gloves! Achy and swollen fingers are no fun! Opt for some pop over gloves so you can keep your fingers functionally separate while still keeping your hands warm.

Opt for warm and sturdy shoes

You’re going to be on vacation, so I bet you want to look your cutest, amiright? However, I strongly urge you to opt for the cutest boots and leave your heels and ballerina slippers at home.

First of all, you want shoes with some serious grip on the bottom, since you wouldn’t want to slip and hurt yourself. The snowy and icy surfaces might appear to be more stable than they actually are. You wouldn’t want to end up on crutches during your vacation!

Second, thicker soles will mean your feet are farther from wet ground surfaces and therefore less likely to get wet. If there’s snow on the ground, opt for Hunters or other types of rainboots to keep your feet dry.

And lastly, opt for warmer boots, preferably lined with fleece or faux fur. You want to keep warm in these freezing temperatures, and exposed skin is just asking for body temperature problems. So if you absolutely have to wear heels, at least make sure they’re heeled boots (and maybe layer in some of those adorable leg warmers I mentioned earlier?)

Packing for a Fall Lake Arrowhead Vacation: Personal Care

Face moisturizer

Now this one is pretty personal since it depends on your skin type, but pretty much everyone struggles when humidity and temperatures are this low. Personally, as long as I stay consistent with AM and PM applications, my go-to moisturizer is enough to power through the colder months. For you, it may require switching to a thicker moisturizer, as opposed to the lighter one you might use throughout summer.

Body moisturizer

If you’re not in the habit of moisturizing your body, you’ll soon find you need to up in Lake Arrowhead. I personally love my Angel body oil (shown below) but if you’re more into creams than oils, below you’ll find some of my other recommendations. These are equally effective, budget-friendly options.


You can stick with your lipsticks for daytime, but make sure to moisturize your lips overnight. Chapped lips are definitely not cute!


Granted, lots of hotels already have blow-dryers in the rooms. However, smaller mom and pop places might not, so be sure to call ahead and ask before assuming you’ll have access to one!

But wait… why is a blowdryer so important?

If you wash your hair in the morning, you definitely don’t want to leave the hotel with wet hair. Going outdoors in freezing or near-freezing temperatures makes your hair more brittle and it may break off in the cold. YIKES!

And if you tend to wash it at night, you don’t want to risk getting sick by sleeping with wet hair in this snowy climate!

Either way, make sure you have access to a blow-dryer for your stay in Lake Arrowhead.


Of course, you should bring your prescribed meds, but that’s not what I’m talking about. You know your body best, so think about how likely you are to suffer from:

  • a surprise cold
  • changes in atmospheric pressure systems
  • an irritated nose due to allergies or dry air
  • aches and pains due to the cold

And given these possibilities, make sure to pack some Emergen-C or Airborne to fight off colds, Claritin for allergies, and Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen for aches and pains.


I hope you enjoyed my top recommendations for packing for a fall Lake Arrowhead vacation. Between wearing warm clothes and sturdy shoes and keeping your body on-point with moisturizers and medications you may need, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time in Lake Arrowhead!

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When it comes to packing for a Fall Lake Arrowhead vacation, don't just assume you've got it! Be sure to check out this blog post for tips from a local.
When it comes to packing for a Fall Lake Arrowhead vacation, don't just assume you've got it! Be sure to check out this blog post for tips from a local.