May 2019 Roundup: Your Girl’s on FIRE!

StephanieCristi has so much news to share with you in this May 2019 Roundup! Everything from #socialmedia, #ebooks, #courses, #blogs, and #contentmanagement so click through now to check it all out AND grab some #freebies along the way!

Hi lovely 🙂 How are you doing this gorgeous first day of June? I’m having a great one!

I only just got back from a beautiful bat mitzvah and I’ll be heading out soon for a family get-together at my auntie’s house but I wanted to make sure to get you your May 2019 roundup before heading out in case you were curious 😉

I created TONS of content for you this month so without further ado, here is my May 2019 Roundup!

May 2019 Roundup: new products/services offered

Ever since launching my book on successfully creating a tutoring business, I’ve been itching to put another one out there! So of course, I just had to launch yet ANOTHER book! This one is only on pre-sale for now, but the price will go up significantly after the pre-sale is over so if you’re struggling with social media for your business, be sure to grab yourself a copy by clicking on the picture below.

StephanieCristi has so much news to share with you in this May 2019 Roundup! Everything from #socialmedia, #ebooks, #courses, #blogs, and #contentmanagement so click through now to check it all out AND grab some #freebies along the way!

And if you’re not into reading long segments of text from a book, I’ve also turned the Social Media Bootcamp for Bloggers into my first ever online course!


But wait - there's MORE!

Did you see my new service? As of May 2019, I will be offering coaching for online businesses.

So if you're at all interested in working with me to grow your blog, website, and business, be sure to reach out!

May 2019 Roundup: Blog posts

This month saw TONS of content creation on StephanieCristi! I wrote up blog posts on staying in shape while you travel, how to plan for living abroad long-term, and in honor of my parents' amazing cruise this fall, I also did a little research on some free things to do in Kinderdijk!

I also wrote up some content for my bloggers, don't you worry! I wrote up quite a few TIP GUIDES this month, including:

Let me know if you find these helpful because I truly want to help you succeed - both in your side hustle as well as your life enrichment through travel.

May 2019 Roundup: Freebies created

May is my birthday month so as a birthday gift to YOU, I've created an email crash course on using social media for your business!

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And if social media isn't your cup of tea, be sure to sign up for my membership resource library so you can grab all my free resources 🙂

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May 2019 Roundup: Instagram posts of value

Although Instagram is not my favorite social media platform, I do enjoy posting nuggets of inspiration for you, so check out this little guy I posted last month.

May 2019 Roundup: email list for side hustlers

This month I gave my email list readers a preview of my upcoming book Social Media Bootcamp for Bloggers! If you'd like to join my email list and get fabulous and actionable tips right to your inbox, sign up below!

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May 2019 Roundup: Tutor in Tinseltown and tWHH links

My other two blogs weren't very active this month, though I did publish my first ever guest post on Tutor in Tinseltown! Be sure to check out this article on 10 reasons why students should blog. It certainly made me wish I had started MUCH sooner!


I hope you've enjoyed this May 2019 roundup of blog content, books, courses, Instagram posts and all-around helpful content created just for you!

With all my love,

SC xo

May 2019 Roundup: Your Girl\'s on FIRE!

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