June 2019 Roundup: Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

StephanieCristi has so much news to share with you in this June 2019 Roundup! Everything from #socialmedia, #ebooks, #courses, #blogs, and #contentmanagement so click through now to check it all out AND grab some #freebies along the way!

Hi lovely 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve come to check out my June 2019 roundup – to me, it means I’m creating useful content for you, and that is always my main goal 🙂

How was your June? How is summer 2019 treating you? For me, it was a little bit hectic! Between Father’s Day, migraines, and my boyfriend coming to visit, it’s been fairly busy for me. I didn’t get the chance to write as much as I would have liked but I hope the content I did create for you was useful and worth you coming onto my page for!

Here is my June 2019 Roundup!

June 2019 Roundup: new products/services offered this month

Even though no new products are launched as of yet, my ebook and online course on social media for bloggers and business owners are BOTH still on presale so get them before prices go up! The book will be available in digital as well as a paperback, in case you’re a bibliophile like I am.

And the course will work with you intimately and will be built based on your questions and needs – but only if you join in while it’s still in presale! Once the presale is over and the course is fully launched, I will be updating it as changes are made to the social network platforms, but not based as much on as student questions. So get in on the ground floor to have this course practically custom-built for you!

StephanieCristi has so much news to share with you in this May 2019 Roundup! Everything from #socialmedia, #ebooks, #courses, #blogs, and #contentmanagement so click through now to check it all out AND grab some #freebies along the way!

June 2019 Roundup: Blog posts

Blogging, blogging, blogging - I love blogging. This month I focused more heavily on my product creation so blog posts took a bit of a back seat. However, I would never leave you high and dry. The month of June, I wrote for both domestic and international travelers as well as my side hustler crowd. You can check out those posts below, just follow each link!

June 2019 Roundup: Freebies created

Have you gotten a chance to check out

Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, Oh My!

If you've been putting it off... or hadn't heard of it yet, be sure to sign up below to start seeing massive gains on your social media strategy!

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And if you're not into social media growth?

I still encourage you to sign up for my membership resource library so you can grab all the resources I've made for my VIPs to date ?

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June 2019 Roundup: Instagram posts of value

I also hope you will decide to follow me on social media. Through social media, I provide updates on my day-to-day life and travels, polls on how I can better help you, and sneak peeks of the content I'm creating for you, such as this useful little nugget from last month:


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Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, Oh My! is now LIVE!! Just consider this a birthday present from me to you - my lovely readers, without whom, I would just be speaking to an empty room!
You can find it at the #linkinbio or here: https://www.subscribepage.com/Facebook-and-Instagram-and-Pinterest-Oh-My
It covers:
⁉️ WHY you should even bother with #socialnetworks for #business
⁉️ WHAT the 4 main types of social networks are
⁉️ HOW many you should focus on to maximize results and minimize burnout, and
⁉️ WHICH platforms to use for your unique business and audience

So what are you waiting for? This course is FREE and just itching to be of help to you!
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I hope you've enjoyed this June 2019 roundup of blog content, books, courses, Instagram posts and all-around helpful content created just for you!

What type of content would you like me to focus on for the coming?

Social media, freebies, blog posts, products?

Let me know in the comments below!

With all my love,

SC xo

June 2019 Roundup: Hustle, Hustle, Hustle!

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