I Am Thankful For…

With Thanksgiving tomorrow and the holiday stress upon us, I would like to stop and reflect on everything I am thankful for in life.
On this eve of Thanksgiving, I’d like to take a moment to be grateful for what I have, and encourage you to do the same, my beautiful reader!
After all, it’s easy to forget how lucky we are in life when caught up in the daily grind.

I am thankful for:

  1. My home
  2. Being able to visit my family in Spain last year
  3. An amazing relationship with my parents and brother
  4. A handsome, funny, and supportive partner
  5. Having fantastic tutoring students that spread my name and give me referrals
  6. Nutella 😉
  7. Getting to experience all four beautiful seasons
  8. The ability to live in a place as beautiful as Lake Arrowhead
  9. My three furbabies: William Shakespurr, Robin Hood, and Dobby
  10. Netflix <3
  11. the flexibility of my day job
  12. Neverending on-demand puppy and kitten cuddles
  13. Living 45 seconds from the most fun off-roading roads I’ve ever been on 🙂
  14. My overall health, despite migraines
  15. The ability to call my grandmother long-distance whenever I wish (though I know I should phone more often)
  16. My kickass new iPhone X and whatever new laptop I end up choosing by cyber Monday!
  17. The ability to go back to school and continuously work on myself
  18. Hot cocoa during these cold months
  19. My cute new car and how much safer it is than my previous one


With migraine-related anxiety and depression, it’s sometimes easy for me to start throwing myself endless pity parties, so I like to stop sometimes and reflect on everything I am thankful for.
What are you grateful for today?
Let me know in the comments below!
With all my love,
SC xo

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