February 2019 Roundup: What a Wild Month!

StephanieCristi has so much news to share with you in this February 2019 Roundup! Everything from #socialmedia, #video blogs, #quizzes, and #contentmanagement so click through now to check it all out AND grab some #freebies along the way!

Hi lovely 🙂 I have so much news to share with you in this February 2019 Roundup!

Last month was a big month for me in terms of blog development and plans for moving StephanieCristi forward.

Basically, I’ve decided to really take the frequency at which I’m blogging down a couple of notches and instead focus my content creation efforts on the travel and side hustling aspects of StephanieCristi.

If you’re curious as to my reasoning, you can read more about it here.

I did still create TONS of content for you all, however, so without further ado, here is my February 2019 Roundup!

February 2019 Roundup: New products/services offered

This was a big month for me in terms of creating and offering new products and services. After all, it was my first month offering my blog advertisement service and I already had two people reach out to me for help!

If you’re interested in advertising your blog with me, you can sign up below.

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February 2019 Roundup: Blog posts

This will be my last month creating tons of home life content so I definitely took advantage of the opportunity to write about health and pet ownership.

I published Promoting Health and Happiness for some self-care tips and How Can You Improve Your Health In The Workplace? as a cross-over for my side hustler and health content.

I also shared 9 Ways To Be A Better Dog Owner in case you’re a dog mom 🙂

And since it was my first month with blog advertising clients, you can find my blog post about them at Exciting Blog Advertising Finds of the Month – February.

For my travel-related content, I wrote a guide on My Top 7 Road Trip Safety Tips, in anticipation of my trip up to San Francisco next month as well as a map to highlight all my blog posts of the USA.

And last but not least, I published a post (and related poll) regarding all the changes coming to StephanieCristi. You can read about them (and fill out my poll) at Revamping the Website: A Massive StephanieCristi Overhaul.

February 2019 Roundup: Freebies created

This month was a HUGE one for freebies for you all! I created some packing checklists for your next vacation, a worksheet to help you gain hundreds of new blog topic ideas, and a few extra goodies. Be sure to sign up for my membership resource library so you can grab them all!

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February 2019 Roundup: video/audio created

I really want to start using more video when it comes to creating content for you all so this month I created one for you on what you should pack in your carry-on for air travel. I’ve embedded it below in case you want to take a look 😉

February 2019 Roundup: Instagram mini blogs

This month I created a few helpful Instagram posts for you. I created one with my favorite tool for growing your Instagram and a second that’s a mini intro into my road trip blog post. Plus, I also shared a series of Instagram Story highlights you can reference on topics such as:

February 2019 Roundup: TWHH links

I won’t go into my cybersecurity content too much, but my two posts for February were:

In case you’re at all worried about your online security (hint: you should be!), be sure to check out some of those posts. I personally recommend that you start off with:


Oh, and did I mention my gorgeous new blog theme? Have you seen that home page? I hope I’m not overselling it, I just think it’s so beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this February 2019 Roundup for StephanieCristi and theWhiteHatHACKER.

My wish is that creating this February 2019 roundup post and others like this one are helpful for you – let me know below if it is… or even if it isn’t! 😉

With all my love,

SC xo

February 2019 Roundup: What a Wild Month!

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