A Life-Changing August 2019 Roundup

Whether you're a side hustler or traveler, be sure to check out my August 2019 roundup for free resources, services to help YOU earn money, and some great reasons to join my mailing list!

Hi lovely 🙂

Oh my goodness, was August a HUGE month for me! I give bits and pieces of my month’s story in each blog post shared in this August 2019 roundup but basically, my month consisted of:

  • quitting the day job
  • taking on StephanieCristi and Tutor in Tinseltown as my full-time work!
  • finally opening up my first business bank account (yay for side-hustling responsibly!)
  • getting a new tutoring student and promptly having to drop the family as a client for health, safety, and liability reasons
  • hitting the ground running – SERIOUSLY running – on VIPKid

And even with all that, I created TONS of content for you this month so without further ado, here is my August 2019 Roundup!

August 2019 Roundup: new products/services offered

Although it’s not a direct StephanieCristi product or service, I am now offering step-by-step guidance through the VIPKid application and teaching process for educators and travelers looking to make some extra cash working remotely.

I’ve written two blog posts on my experience working with VIPKid so far, which you can read about below:

7 Reasons Why I Decided to Join VIPKid Despite a Successful Tutoring Business

My First Week as a VIPKid Teacher: the Debrief

August 2019 Roundup: Blog posts

Side Hustlers

As you know, I am all about personal health and balance in the life of a side hustler or entrepreneur. I even wrote my latest book about it!

So in that same spirit of the everlasting goal to Master the Balancing Act, I’ve also written up these articles for you to always keep you inspired to cultivate your best self:

I also wrote up a lengthy blog post detailing My 5 Essential Accounting Tools for Entrepreneurs.

These five tools not only keep me in good standing for tax season and health insurance, but also constantly developing a financial safety net in case I need to take sick days, parental leave, PTO, or even set up disability!

My last two blog posts for side hustlers were a bit more specific, but still valuable, I believe, to anyone considering a health and wellness blog or a tutoring business. You can check them out here:


For travelers, I confess I didn’t share a blog post for my series on my parent’s Rhine River cruise. I’m sorry! I did write up other great planning content and destination guides, so hopefully, you’ll forgive me!

For pre-travel organization, I wrote up one on health checklists and one that’s a more general list of imperative things to do before you go overseas.

And let’s not forget my posts on traveling in California and South America!

And even a few bonus articles:

Now, I originally started StephanieCristi so I could create content on anything I liked. I’ve since niched down to mainly online business and travel, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good post outside of those topics every now and again! In the spirit of simply creating content I enjoy and think you could benefit from, I’ve written up these two new posts for you as well:

August 2019 Roundup: Freebies created

There were no freebies created for my VIP member this month in particular, though of course I always share useful content through my email newsletter. Be sure to sign up for my membership resource library so you can grab all my freebies and get on my mailing list as well!

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August 2019 Roundup: email list topics for travel AND side hustlers

This month was a little unique in that, I recently discovered a great tool for earning a bit of cash-back which is incredibly helpful to both my side hustlers AND my traveler crowd! My latest ultimate find in making a bit of extra cash puts a few extra bucks in your wallet every time you fill up your gas tank.

Constantly on the road visiting clients?

Living out of an RV or just enjoy road trips?

Well, then Get Upside (promo code: BJZY4) is for you, and my mailing list crowd got to hear about it first!


I hope you found my August 2019 roundup and content useful! Please let me know if it isn’t and I’ll stop creating these roundups! I’ve just always felt that even if your month gets busy and you don’t keep as up-to-date on my posts as you’d like to, you can at least come back to these roundups and see what you missed that might be useful to refer back to!

With all my love,

SC xo

A Life-Changing August 2019 Roundup

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