Lessons Learned as a Tutor: Inspired to Write by The Venue on 35th

Today's post details all the cities I've tutored in and the lessons I've learned in each place by observing my students, their parents, and their dynamics as a family. Because as much as I taught these kiddos and helped their families, I have learned so much from them in return. Tutoring is my biggest gift to the world around me, and the biggest blessing in my life.

During my most recent trip to Norfolk, my boyfriend and I went to an open mic event held on Monday nights at The Venue on 35th, near the Freemason District. I absolutely loved the intimacy of the venue (haha get it?!) as well as the open mic event specifically. I felt so cozy and welcome and was surprised at how open everyone was in sharing their private thoughts and struggles. I was, perhaps, even more surprised by how supportive the […]

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