[Video] Is Participating in the VIPKid Booking Frenzy Worth It for New Teachers?!

Today marks my 41st day with VIPKid and I've already taught 151 classes so far! But does the VIPKid booking frenzy really make a difference, or is it all just hype? Check out my two experiments and let me know what you think!

I am so excited to be writing this blog post for you today! Why, you ask? Because today marks my 41st day with VIPKid and I’ve already taught 151 class so far thanks to the VIPKid Booking Frenzy!

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Many teachers struggle with getting bookings and returning students on VIPKid so you may not believe my stats, and that’s OK!

Don’t believe me? Take a look!

But for this particular blog post, more important than the number of days I’ve been an official teacher… is how many times I’ve participated in a VIPKid BOOKING FRENZY!

VIPKid Booking Frenzy… hype or a lifesaver?!

Thankfully, I’ve been lucky enough to participate in 5 booking frenzies! But does the booking frenzy really make a difference, or is it all just hype?

Here is my recently published video on whether or not participating in the weekly VIPKid booking frenzy is worth it for new teachers.

Don’t enjoy videos? Here’s the breakdown:

I know there’s a lot of teachers that purposefully skip booking frenzies, and there are certainly some good reasons to! You may opt for skipping booking frenzies if you:

  • are a parent busy with babies at home,
  • have a day job with constantly changing schedules, or
  • have medical concerns that make it difficult to plan your schedule weeks in advance.

Many teachers also skip the VIPKid booking frenzy to avoid the dreaded autobookings (and subsequent last-minute cancellations) that have been occurring lately.

However, when you are new and have no followers to rush to your Short Notice booking notifications, participating in the booking frenzy is a great way to start building up your student base. Here are two experiments I ran on my own bookings to check the usefulness of participating in the booking frenzy.

(Accidental) Experiment 1: Week 1 live without a frenzy VS Week 2 live WITH a booking frenzy

Now, my profile didn’t go active until Monday night BJT for my very first week teaching with VIPKid, which means that I accidentally missed the frenzy!

Week 1 saw minimal bookings (only 4!) despite an excessively large availability. Talk about disappointing!

For my second week, my long-distance boyfriend came to visit and we went on a road trip so I had to close off my entire weekend. But despite the significantly limited availability, I still snagged 19 bookings! Not bad for a new teacher with no class feedback on her profile!

Needless to say, if you new and have no feedback or followers on your profile, booking frenzies can be a BIG help.

Experiment 2: Week 5 before and after each booking frenzy

The screenshot below was taken on the evening of September 8. This was just prior to the first booking frenzy for the week of September 16. I had 5 priority bookings already lined up.

The screenshot below shows my bookings page right after the first booking frenzy (mid-morning September 9, EST). I ended up with 30 net bookings. Not bad, huh? By this point, I had around 20 followers and about 20 5-apple feedbacks.

This is how that same week looked right before the second booking frenzy (September 15). You can see that there were some cancellations during the week but with more bookings than cancellations, I ended up net positive with a count of 39.

By the end of the week, there were some cancellations, some no-shows, and some last-minute bookings, but all in all, I ended up with 45 bookings. SWEET!


As you can see from my two experiments, I got a significant portion of my bookings from participating in each week’s VIPKid booking frenzy. That’s not to say that my case will automatically happen to you! Some teachers:

  • only function with short-notice bookings and purposefully skip the booking frenzy
  • participate in frenzies week after week only to be skipped over by parents.

I can only share my experience with VIPKid and my experiments and hope that they help you guide your own tutoring business in a positive direction.

Let me know below:

Do you enjoy the booking frenzies?

If so, what’s your schedule looking like for this coming week?!

And if you aren’t a teacher yet, you can sign up here!

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[Video] Is Participating in the VIPKid Booking Frenzy Worth It for New Teachers?!

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