7 Reasons Why I Decided to Join VIPKid Despite a Successful Tutoring Business

Several people have asked me why I decided to join VIPKid despite a successful tutoring business. After all, I even wrote a book on setting up a killer tutoring side hustle! So today, I'd like to let you in on my reasoning, and who knows? Maybe you'll even decide to give VIPKid a try for yourself!

I love face-to-face tutoring. I always have. I enjoy getting to really know my students on a personal level and seeing their cleverness and personalities shine through our lessons together. I was never a fan of online lessons. I struggled for so long to find a system for remote tutoring lessons that would be as effective as my in-person ones that I just gave up and decided that virtual tutoring wouldn’t be something I offer. And either way, my tutoring […]

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