How Can You Improve Your Health In The Workplace?

With all the hours we put into our work, health in the workplace is a vital topic to keep in mind for our physical and mental health and happiness.

Earlier this week I wrote about fostering health and happiness in your life, but today I’d like to talk about how you can improve your health in the workplace, specifically.

Over the years, workers have faced all sorts of risks when it comes to health in the workplace. In the past, coal miners had to risk their lives every time they descended, firefighters rush into burning buildings, and let’s not forget our boys and girls in blue. No matter what precautions were put in place, the work itself was risky. Luckily, standards like these would never pass in this health and safety age. Stringent laws now ensure that no one has to risk their lives for their work. That’s an improvement which no one can sniff at.

But, to assume that health-related risks are a thing of the past would be naive. While office workers don’t have to put themselves in the firing line, millennial work comes with risks of its own.

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They may not be as extreme as those at the bottom of a coal mine, but they can still cause havoc if you aren’t careful. Of course, to some extent, it’s your employer’s responsibility to make sure your health is in top shape. But, there are steps you can take to ensure that you avoid the worst risks of your millennial career. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

With all the hours we put into our work, health in the workplace is a vital topic to keep in mind for our physical and mental health and happiness.
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Improve your Health at the Workplace By: Leaving your desk often

Repetitive strain is one of the most significant risks facing modern workers. That’s because we’re often typing in the same position for upwards of eight hours a day. In extreme cases, injuries like these could fast see you signed off work. Even worse, it isn’t always easy to gain worker’s compensation for issues like these. That’s because, when we all spend our free time on our computers too, it can be difficult to prove that work was the origin.

While you can reach out to lawyers who can help you get justice after a work comp claim denial, it’s best to avoid a battle like this altogether. And, your best chance of doing that is to leave your desk often. Even getting up and walking around once every hour can do the trick here. Or, you may want to go all out with some desk exercises to break up those repetitive movements. It’s a simple step, which could see you thriving in any work environment.

Improve your Health at the Workplace By: Learning when to switch off

Poor mental health is constantly plaguing millennial workers. So much so that an average 19% of millennials have been diagnosed with depression. That’s compared to 12% of baby boomers.

Quite a significant difference.

A large part of this problem here seems to originate in the office. Responsibilities are often overwhelming and increased connectivity due to things like social media also means that the work day never truly ends. Most millennial employees do at least some work during their evenings. And, that can harm mental health for obvious reasons.

That’s why you also need to make sure that you learn when to switch off. This could mean literally switching off your phone when you leave work. Or, it may mean learning how to meditate so that you can switch off in your mind. Only then do you stand any chance of staying healthy in this modern working world.

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Needless to say, health is a vitally important aspect of our lives we should be striving to protect. Therefore, given how many hours we spend at the day jobs, health in the workplace is a topic worth looking into. Ergonomics and knowing when to switch it off and “clock out” are important tools to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a healthy work-health balance.

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How Can You Improve Your Health In The Workplace?

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