5 Easy Tips for Coping With Burnout – When Working And Hustling Become Too Much

It’s great to live in an era where side hustlers have the means to manage a business and a day job concurrently, but even the most dedicated and well organized among us can find ourselves struggling when it comes to coping with burnout.

You are the master of your own destiny.

When the limitations of your day job prevented you from being all that you could be, you took the steps necessary to grow beyond them. You took the time, made the effort, and developed a side hustle. And that side hustle not only gave your income a boost but also awarded you the creative freedom your day job had denied you. Perhaps even for years.

That’s where I’m at too, and it’s an incredible feeling!

However, while it’s great to live in an era where dedicated side hustlers have the means, inspiration, and guidance to manage a business and a day job simultaneously, even the most dedicated and well organized among us can find ourselves struggling when it comes to coping with burnout. A few days ago I discussed tips for making time for a side hustle… but what about when you need time to yourself?

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When it all seems a bit much, and stress seems to sour your every accomplishment; sapping your energy levels and mental wellbeing, here are some tips to help you to cope in healthy and productive ways…

Coping with Burnout: Quick fixes are seldom long term solutions

It’s not uncommon for the chronically stressed to find quick fixes to relieve their stress. Unfortunately, these quick fixes may actually be exacerbating the problem instead of fixing it.

As this article by Stop Drinking Expert discusses, alcohol has often been touted as the antidote to stress but it often creates way more problems than it solves. The secret lies not in using quick-fix solutions but in making better lifestyle choices to offset the combined stress of work and a side hustle.

Coping with Burnout: Your water bottle should be your constant companion

Hydration is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health and wellbeing but it’s also one of the most neglected. When we fail to drink enough water it can impede our cognition which in turn adds to our stress, frustration, and self-admonition. As such, you should always keep a bottle full of cool refreshing water by your side.

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Coping with Burnout: Take a few minutes to practice mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety as well as getting out of your own head and taking greater joy from the daily beauty of the world around you. The great thing about mindfulness meditation is that just a few minutes every day can work wonders in combating stress and anxiety while aiding productivity.

It requires no special clothing or equipment and you can do it on your lunch break or even in the car.

Coping with Burnout: Gym n tonic

Even the most hectic schedule should allow for a few trips to the gym each and every week. Physical exercise helps to reduce your body’s production of the stress hormone cortisol while also facilitating cognition and improving confidence and self-worth.

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Coping with Burnout: You don’t have to leave the country for a change of scenery

Any travel bug knows that a change of scenery can be a real tonic for an over-stressed mind. But you don’t have to spend a fortune leaving the country to enjoy a change of scenery. Very often simply exploring the natural wonders on your own doorstep can lead to an increase in your mood and an enhanced sense of perspective which can stop your worries from getting the better of you.


When you find yourself feeling like you aren’t successfully coping with burnout in your business, just remember why you do this! Remember the sense of frustration and stagnation that led you to your side hustle in the first place.

Think of the opportunity your side hustle will have to blossom into a full-time occupation once you’ve built up your brand and your client base. Keeping your eyes on the prize can lend you some much-needed perspective and propel you onward to success.

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