Do you struggle with blogging consistently? I know I struggle keeping up with my blogging schedule, definitely! Life just seems to always get in the way, especially at first when you aren’t getting much (or any) income from it.
That’s why I’m challenging myself to participate in Blogtober!

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What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is a challenge!
No, literally, it’s a month-long challenge bloggers across the world participate in together.
The basic point is to create at least one new blog post each day for the month of October.
The content can be Fall/October/Halloween related, though they don’t have to be, if it doesn’t fit your niche.

Why bother with Blogtober?

There are many benefits to participating in a challenge that increases your content creation.
  1. New pages for Google to crawl means that Google knows it’s a well-maintained and updated site. I haven’t seen proof of it personally, but I’ve read that this is good for SEO and will help you rank higher in Google searches.
  2. It’s a great way to gain committed readers for your site since they’ll be curious to see what each day’s post will be about.
  3. Creating so much content will surely get your creativity flowing, which will probably result in unique types of content you don’t normally create. This will be great for bringing in new traffic, since they might really enjoy this new format for content.
  4. Hopefully after creating 31 pieces of content in 31 days, sticking to your original content calendar of a few times per week won’t seem so difficult!

Are you thinking about participating in Blogtober?

The good news about Blogtober is that you can create any type of content, it doesn’t have to be a 300+ word written piece.
This will make it much easier to succeed with the challenge, trust me!

What Can You Expect to Find on StephanieCristi During Blogtober?

Since I am doing some traveling this month and have family flying in from out of town, lots of the posts for Blogtober will be about travel in San Diego and Lake Arrowhead.
Despite all this travel, I will try to keep my content evenly spread out across all my blog categories, so there’s something for everyone šŸ™‚
Also, please keep in mind that this schedule is tentative!
I will do my best to stick to it but with family coming into town, work, traveling to San Diego and the sheer reality that comes with publishing 30 new pieces of content in 30 days… I may have to deviate a little in order to stick to the Blogtober challenge.
Rest assured, however, I will publish one new blog post each day so be sure to check back every day of October for new goodies!
  1. What is Blogtober? (hint: that’s the article you’re reading right now!)
  2. A list of other Blogtober participants for you to read šŸ™‚
  3. Packing for Autumn in Lake Arrowhead
  4. 5 things to let go of to be happy
  5. My experience adopting Dobby
  6. Photo diary: Autumn in Lake Arrowhead
  7. Road Trip Essentials for tomorrow’s trip
  8. Daily blog post Part 4
  9. Things to do in San Diego
  10. I’ve been chosen to participate in the Fall tag by Ell//BossGirlBloggers
  11. A fun little memory game for you all šŸ™‚
  12. Things to do in Lake Arrowhead during Fall
  13. My go-to bold lipsticks
  14. Migraine smoothie recipe
  15. How JK Rowling made me who I am today
  16. My top favorite FBI TV shows
  17. Aspects of health
  18. Why I started StephanieCristi
  19. 10 facts about me


Clearly I did not succeed in posting each day of Blogtober but I did try my best to come through for you all. I will still produce all the promised content, though I won’t be backdating it for October and I will still link to it above so you all have easy access to all the content you had originally wanted to read šŸ™‚


Stephanie Cristi will be participating in Blogtober, a challenge to create 31 blog posts in the 31 days of October. I’d love it if you check back throughout the month to see what new stuff I’ve created for you, and I’d definitely appreciate you sharing my posts if you find them interesting and useful!

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With all my love,
SC xo
If you're a blogger struggling with sticking to a schedule, or you're a reader looking for new content to consume, be sure to follow my Blogtober series!
If you're a blogger struggling with sticking to a schedule, or you're a reader looking for new content to consume, be sure to follow my Blogtober series!
If you're a blogger struggling with sticking to a schedule, or you're a reader looking for new content to consume, be sure to follow my Blogtober series!