9 Epic Reasons to Advertise Your Blog

StephanieCristi discusses why you should advertise your blog. Hopefully these 9 benefits encourage you to grow your traffic!

I am so excited to be able to announce that I will be offering advertising services on my blog! But you may be wondering, “why should I advertise my blog on yours anyway?”

After all, wouldn’t I be your competition?

So let me break it down for you with these 9 reasons to advertise your blog!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you purchase any of my recommended products at the bottom of the post, I will earn a small commission at no extra charge to you. Keep in mind though, that I only post affiliate links to products and services I personally love and use myself! Purchasing through my page ensures that I am able to keep writing useful content for all of you.


Benefit 1: You get to access a potentially brand new audience than you were reaching before!

If you’re in the same niche, your two audiences may already overlap but there’s no way that you have the exact same Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and subscriber lists. So advertising with another blogger will inevitably increase your blog traffic and reach in both social media and readers as well.

Benefit 2: Your audience – and blog traffic – will grow as a result

Why should you advertise your blog? For most people, a recommendation from someone they trust is very valuable. Therefore, by advertising with a blogger, you will not only reach their audience during your ad period, but you might gain new followers yourself from this experience if their audience follows you as a result.

Of course, the person you’re advertising with couldn’t guarantee this, since they can’t ensure their readers will follow you. But by creating high-quality content, you’ll be more likely to gain new loyal fans.

This will hopefully result in an increased baseline traffic level for you since the audience you now promote to will be larger.

Benefit 3: You’ll get SEO and DA boosts from all the backlinks.

The backlinks you gain from your advertiser will give your website a huge boost in Google’s eyes.

To be fair, this will be more valuable if your advertiser’s DA score is significantly higher than your own. But even a modest DA score will help you out if the backlinks are coming from a legitimate website.

And if you’re looking to really get the word out there about your business, I recommend working with a blogger intimately but also hiring a series of authors to do guest post outreach for you as well. You can do this through companies like Link-able who pair you up with a highly qualified author to get you a backlink on some seriously reputable websites!

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Benefit 4: You can take a load off your own plate

I have two opposing ideas on this point, and while both have significant benefits, they may also have drawbacks so it’s up to you which route you choose to follow.

Option 1: Delegate promotion to your advertiser

In one scenario, you can delegate promotion to your advertiser. The drawback to this is that your traffic may break even. After all, you’d be gaining access to a new audience, but your typical readers may not hear about your content. If your business is growing and you need to focus your efforts elsewhere, outsourcing promo work may be worth the decreased blog traffic.

The pros to this would be freeing up your schedule to focus on content creation, client outreach, monetized work, self-care and taking a breath, etc. Another benefit is that you would be able to see the amount of traffic brought in specifically through advertising since you presumably won’t be bringing in too much blog traffic yourself.

Option 2: Double punch!

In the second scenario, you would pay for the month of advertising but continue your own promo routine as usual. The con to this is that your workload will remain just as full. Plus, unless you’re pretty savvy with Google Analytics you may not know how much traffic came in from your own promo work and how much came in thanks to the advertiser.

The pro, however, is pretty obvious. Talk about a potentially HUGE boost to your blog traffic for the advertising period! Though you wouldn’t be giving yourself a break for the time period, your blog traffic reports will most likely reflect this sacrifice and show great progress.

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Benefits of advertising with me!

Have I driven the point home yet or why should you advertise your blog?

Now, I did say that I’m offering the brand-new opportunity to advertise your blog with me 😉

So while the above-mentioned benefits are great answers to the question, “why should you advertise on someone else’s blog?” the following are benefits to working with me, specifically!

Benefit 5: The first 5 to reach out to me get in on the action for free!

So far I have 3 free spots still open for this promotional beta testing period!

My goal is to limit each month’s advertisement to 5 clients so each of you can receive high-quality attention and promotion.

Benefit 6: Prices are soooo low

Even if you don’t make it into the 5 free slots, the program is brand new and my low prices reflect that. As StephanieCristi continues to grow (DA, SEO juice, and social media) my prices will eventually increase so the sooner you choose to advertise your blog with me, the longer you’ll get to enjoy nearly-free advertising!

Benefit 7: You’ll get tons of special attention 🙂

The month of February 2019 is my first month offering this service. This means that anybody choosing to work with me will be getting lots of specialized attention while I work out the kinks of the program.

Benefit 8: StephanieCristi is growing exponentially

In only five months, StephanieCristi’s DA score has grown from 3 to 25.

That’s bananas!

And I’m on a solidly uphill trend, which means I’m expecting this to continue – at least for the time being.

And as my DA and traffic grow, backlinks from my page will carry more and more SEO juice. So advertising with me is a gift that keeps on giving!

Benefit 9: Once you work with me, you’ll remain a priority even after our work together ends.

If you choose to advertise your blog with me, the fact that you’re choosing to believe in me and my blog’s potential to help you grow means the world to me. This means that the next time I launch a product or service (whether it’s on StephanieCristi or theWhiteHatHACKER) you’ll be the first to know. And if there are freebies attached to the offer, you’ll likely be one of the lucky few to snatch it up ?


There are so many benefits to take the plunge and advertise your blog with a blogger and hopefully, I’ve convinced you to take the plunge. I am so excited to be able to offer blog advertising and I hope you choose to work with me!

If I haven’t convinced you yet, please let me know what it would take for you to take that step 🙂

I would love any feedback from my lovely readers so let me know below!

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With all my love,

SC xo

13 thoughts on “9 Epic Reasons to Advertise Your Blog

  1. Hi Stephanie

    You’re so right about the power of advertising.

    Even if you have a good traffic flow, you always want to be increasing your reach into new marketplaces.

    Always work on delivering your core message to new audiences and your blog will grow!

    Nice meeting you, my first time on your blog and I’m lovin’ it 🙂


    1. Hi Donna,

      Thank you for the thoughtful message 🙂
      I absolutely agree, once your organic traffic is great, traffic can be a somewhat “set it and forget it” part of blogging but actively expanding your reach will never be harmful to your blog or business.
      It’s great meeting you too, I’m glad you’re enjoying StephanieCristi!


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