I’m putting my Faith in the Daith! My experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief – Updates

Hi all! I’m SO excited to give ya’ll an update on how my daith piercing for migraine relief has been coming along!

This past month has honestly been a small miracle for me and my healing process. The months leading up to getting my piercing were terrible. I had migraines nearly every day and severe headaches on the days it wasn’t a full-blown migraine.

So without further ado… I’d love to let my fellow migraineurs know how it’s been going for me. Hopefully, it inspires you to give the daith piercing a shot at relieving your migraine.

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My experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief – Week 1

Day 0 – You can read the full story here.

Day 1 – July 30 – Today there was no pain at all! I was so happy I could cry. No meds.

Day 2 – July 31 – I woke up pain-free and then developed a headache at a pain-level 5/10 but it only lasted for a few hours. Normally, once I get a headache, it doesn’t go away until I go to sleep. No meds.

Day 3 – August 1 – I had no pain when I woke up. I developed a mild headache for about 5 hours and then it went away again so I went to sleep pain-free. No meds.

Day 4 – August 2 – Woke up at a pain level of 0, then hit a 5 for a few hours but it went away again. Today I took my preventative medication because drastic weather and poor sleep are big triggers for me so I wanted to nip it in the bud. Hopefully, tomorrow is better.

Day 5 – August 3 – Woke up at a pain level of 1, then hit a 3 but it went away again. No meds.

Day 6 – August 4 – I woke up at a 0 today, then hit a peak of 5 later in the day. I went to bed with a mild headache and some of my more minor migraine symptoms like dizziness and lightheadedness. No meds.

Day 7 – August 5 – Today marks one week since I got my kickass daith piercing! I woke up at a 0, then hit a pain-level of 5 and dropped back down to 0. No meds.

Summary of the Week 1

I know it sounds like I’m still as miserable as before, with daily headaches, but I promise you they are NOWHERE NEAR as bad as they were before! The migraine symptoms aside from the pain were unbearable and chronic, and this past week I only had some dizziness one day. I’m trying to keep realistic expectations, but so far I’m incredibly happy and grateful to James and Studio City Tattoo and Body Piercing for this amazing experience. Honestly, even if it’s a placebo, I wouldn’t care! I’ll take relief where I can get it!

My experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief – Week 2

Day 8 – August 6 – Pain at about a level 3 midday, but woke up and went to bed pain-free and I’m so grateful. No meds.

Day 9 – August 7 – Woke up with a mild headache and went to sleep with a mild headache, but the in-between was pain-free. No meds.

Day 10 – August 8 – Woke up at a 0, then hit a 5, and dropped down to a 3 with some migraine symptoms (mainly dizziness and light sensitivity). No meds.

Day 11 – August 9 – I woke up and went to bed pain-free! There was some pain for a few hours (5/10) midday, but nothing like before. No meds.

Day 12 – August 10 – I spent my morning and afternoon completely pain-free, but had some serious pain at night. I’d say it was at a 10/10. No meds.

Day 13 – August 11 – I woke up at a 0 but still took some preventative Duloxetine because of yesterday’s pain, poor sleep, and extreme weather. I peaked at about a 3 and then finished off the day pain-free.

Day 14 – August 12 – Pain levels: 1, 5, 0. Nothing too crazy to report on. No meds.

Summary of the Week 2

This week was a little tougher than last, but still very doable. I didn’t have a single migraine and even the headaches were very manageable.

My experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief – Week 3

Day 15 – August 13 – I woke up at 0 but the day soon ballooned to a pain level of 10 midday that maintained until I went to sleep. Aside from the pain, I did have other migraine-related symptoms such as photosensitivity.

Day 16 – August 14 – I spent all day at a 1 and felt “off”. Probably just due to recuperating from a night of pain.

Day 17 – August 15 – 0, 5, 0 back to feeling relatively good!

Day 18 – August 16 – 0, 1, 1 SUCCESS!

Day 19 – August 17 – 0, 0, 1. I went boating today and due to overexerting myself swimming and the bright sun without my shades, I was convinced I was going to end up with a migraine. Thankfully I didn’t. I did have to take some ibuprofen but it was unrelated: clumsy me hit my knee hard on the boat as I was climbing out of the water.

Day 20 – August 18 – 0, 0, 0! I haven’t felt this good in what feels like a lifetime! I did take some ibuprofen for my knee, but acetaminophen and ibuprofen don’t do anything for my migraines, so I know I didn’t accidentally mask an episode.

Day 21 – August 19 – 0, 0, 0. I ended up going to urgent care for my knee and they gave me an anti-inflammatory, which might have dissipated any potential migraine brewing.

My experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief – Week 4

Day 22 – August 20 – 0, 1, 0. I’m feeling so great, I can’t believe I didn’t get the daith piercing for migraine relief sooner!

Day 23 – August 21 – 0, 3, 0. Definitely some more pain today but still very manageable.

I should also note that my piercing is healing very nicely. I am able to move it around and sleep on my right side without any discomfort!

Day 24 – August 22 – 1, 10, 5. I’ll have to take it easy today, I’m not feeling my best at all.

Day 25 – August 23 –  5, 10, 10. No migraine symptoms but I’m definitely not feeling too great and Dobby is getting a little antsy. Is her medical alert training kicking in?

Day 26 – August 24 – 1, Migraine, Migraine. To be fair, I almost made it a whole month, so I’m choosing not to complain and be grateful for these 25 happy days.

Day 27 – August 25 – 0, 1, 3. I’m definitely feeling sore and foggy today, which is usual for me for several days after a migraine. Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

Day 28 – August 26 – 1, 1, 3. Pain but nothing too crazy. To be fair, it’s the typical pain I have every day, I’m just being more attentive now because I’m updating all of you. 🙂

Day 29 – August 27 – 10, 3, 3. Pain but nothing a migraineur isn’t used to handling.

Day 30 – August 28 – 0, 0, 0. Happy day 🙂

Day 31 – August 29 – 0, 1, 1. No fogginess, mental slowness, or other post-migraine symptoms!

Day 32 – August 30 – 1, 1, 1 along with some migraine-related symptoms such as photosensitivity and difficulty processing complex material.

Day 33 – August 31 – 0, 5, 0.

Summary of Month 1

Needless to say, this month was far from perfect. With one migraine however, it’s a far cry from the pain I used to experience. I’d call this a successful month.

TL;DR – Conclusion

Despite some pain and one migraine, I’m incredibly grateful for my new piercing.

Do you suffer from migraines?

If so, would you consider getting a daith piercing for migraine relief?

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With all my love,

SC xo


Stephanie Cristi writes Part 2 of a series of blog posts about her experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief.
Stephanie Cristi writes Part 2 of a series of blog posts about her experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief.
Stephanie Cristi writes Part 2 of a series of blog posts about her experience getting a daith piercing for migraine relief.