NOTE: I have some very important updates for you ladies since I originally shared this blog post. Please be sure to check out my other article titled: Dermatologist-Approved Face Masks.

To me, pinning down an effective skin care routine has always been an uphill battle.

I’ve struggled with oily skin, acne breakouts, acne dark spots, and dryness.
After years of struggling with these skin problems, I finally have a routine that works! for those of you struggling with skin issues, you may want to try out some of these products.
You never know, they may work for you too!

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday


I tend to keep most mornings of the week simple, especially Mondays, since they always catch me off-guard!
First I wash my face with African black soap.
Then, I apply sunscreen and I’m ready to start the day.


First I’ll wash my face with African soap
Then I apply my Curology lotion.
And last, I’ll lather on the moisturizer.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday


These days I make sure to fit in a little more space for me time 🙂
I’ll start off my morning by washing my face with my favorite apricot scrub and face brush to really get it fresh and clean.
Then, I’ll lay down for 10 minutes with a tomato face mask on.
After those 10 minutes, I switch out the tomato mask for a coconut face mask and leave that one on for 10 minutes as well.
Lastly, I’ll put on sunscreen and start my day.


At night, I’ll:
  • Wash my face,
  • Apply my Curology face cream.
  • and finish off with a thick layer of moisturizer.


Aside from all these soaps, lotions, gels, and creams in my skin care routine, there’s a couple more things I do to keep my skin happy and healthy from the inside out.

  • I try to drink as much water as possible every single day. My goal is 2 liters daily, though I have to admit I don’t always hit my target.
  • I try to eat as many fruits and veggies as I possibly can. I maximize this by drinking smoothies and fruit infused waters.
  • Pinning my bangs away from my face overnight (and when I’m due for a hair wash) keeps my forehead clear to breathe and my natural hair oils (and products) don’t clog up those pores. Greasy bangs = greasy forehead = potential breakout!
  • I keep my face out of direct sunlight as much as I can.
  • I don’t smoke and keep my alcohol intake to a minimum. No hangovers for this lady!


After years of struggling with skin problems, I’ve finally found a skin care routine that works for me! If you’d like to give these products a try, you can find my affiliate links below.
I definitely recommend them and hope they’re as effective for you as they are for me!

StephanieCristi’s Top Recommended Skin Care Products

With all my love,
SC xo
If you struggle with acne or dark spots you should try StephanieCristi's skin care routine of scrubs, cleansers, and lotions to get back on track.
If you struggle with acne or dark spots you should try StephanieCristi's skin care routine of scrubs, cleansers, and lotions to get back on track.